Finding Joy in Yeast-Free Living

Hey guys! I’m Peyton, and I’ll be bringing you the yeast-free portion of our blog!

As an athletics enthusiast, you would think that maintaining a healthy lifestyle has always been one of my top priorities. However, three years ago, I was a thirty-pounds overweight college freshman with non-existent ideas about health and nutrition. Hypothyroidism sent my body through a rollercoaster of weight gains, while a milk allergy left me bedridden for days at a time. Yet it wasn’t until the end of my first semester of college that I experienced a self-awakening.

In December 2010, my mom introduced me to yeast-free living after visiting The Hotze Clinic, and on Christmas day, my mom and I began the six-week, yeast-free challenge that would change my life.

At first, yeast-free meant giving up every food that I had ever enjoyed. My previous diet staples (sugar, bread, corn, and dairy) were all cut from my diet in the course of a day. The first three days of the program were a blur, containing cravings, hunger pains, and moodiness that only come from an extreme body detox. However, my mom and I persevered and we were rewarded at our weigh-in three weeks later, which stated we had both lost fifteen pounds. From then on, there was no looking back.


(Before & After: The 2 year mark)

Nutrition became my top priority and this new eating program completely changed the way my body functioned. I had energy I had never dreamed of, which took my workouts and my athletic performance to a whole new level. Over the course of the first year, my weight continued to drop at a steady, healthy rate. Since it was a complete lifestyle change, I have been able to keep off the weight, and at thirty pounds lighter, I am happier then I have ever been. I feel amazing, not only physically, but mentally as well. This past December I celebrated three years without soda or pizza, two of my previous diet staples, and they haven’t been missed. The decision to start the yeast-free program meant sacrifice, discipline, and commitment, but it has been worth it every single day. Now I am no longer simply trudging through life. Instead, I’m finally healthy enough to run, and that has made all the difference.

While this program seemed incredibly limited in the beginning, a whole new world of possibilities revealed itself to me throughout this lifestyle change. Saying “no” to processed foods didn’t mean saying “no” to good food. Instead, eating yeast-free meant saying “yes” to everything good for me. And what an experience it is!

This program is all about balance, portion control, and indulgence. Yes, you read that right! Indulge!

Yeast-free living means taking natural ingredients, like almonds, coconut, and dark chocolate, and incorporating them into something equally nutritious and delicious. And with these diverse ingredients, the sky’s the limit, even within the realm of yeast-free eating!

I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you– regardless if you are just beginning, or a long-time, yeast-free traveler. Either way, let’s put the Joy back in food again!


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