Almonds: The breakdown

Hey everyone!

Today we’re going to chat about Almonds!

I recently had a conversation with my mom about them and she was under the impression that Almonds aren’t as good for you as everyone claims. Though I found validity in a lot of her concerns, I do want to share my opinion on the benefits and misconceptions of this delicious seed!

Almonds are a fantastic snack! They provide a wonderful source of protein, fiber and a healthy dose of unsaturated fats. Eating a handful is extremely filling and it will only cost you 160 calories!  Before I developed an allergy to them, I loved to snack on almonds that were roasted in coconut oil. YUM! Because almonds are so low in fat, they are also really great for your cholesterol, promoting heart health.

Many diets these days are focused on low fat, high protein and require you to snack through out the day. Most dietary lifestyles consist of eating 3 meals and a snack in between each of those so that your metabolism never has a chance to slow down. One of the best snacks that you could choose would be a handful of almonds because they are in fact, extremely low in fat and high in protein!

It is important, however, to watch your almond intake. Just about anywhere you read about almonds will tell you not to eat more than a handful at a time. Some general portion sizes are : a handful, a shot glass full, enough to cover a sticky note or about a 1/4 measuring cup. Just in general, nothing is good in excessive quantities but almonds can be especially dangerous for a number of reasons. They are high in oxalates which can build up and lead to kidney stones, they are extremely high in fiber which can cause your gastrointestinal system to over work and become irritated and they are also known to cause allergies to themselves, which is what happened to me. I ate so many almonds that I developed an allergy to them.

Some people have a stomach that can tolerate almonds without a problem and to them I say, congratulations! For those of you that can, here are some amazing almond products that you can incorporate in your daily life!

  • Almond Milk- an excellent dairy replacement. You can buy it flavored or unflavored, sweetened or unsweetened. I love my almond milk!
  • Almond butter- Like peanut butter but 10x better for you! You can make decadent peanut butter cups but instead use Almond butter and dark chocolate.
  • Almond Oil- make your own vinaigrette for a salad!

I hope this helped give you the lowdown on Almonds. Remember, moderation is key.

With love,

Rae Ann

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